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Tutorials/Sugar Cane farm
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Sugar cane must be planted on a grass, dirt or sand block, which is directly adjacent to the water (not just above water, or diagonal). When fully developed, it will be three large blocks of sugar cane. Mature sugar cane should be harvested by hitting the Middle block to avoid replanting. Growth rate is not affected by light, and it does not need light to grow.

Cane sugar, such as saplings, Cactus, and wheat, will increase only if they are on the piece is loaded into memory, so that a player doesn't have to venture too far from the ground.

Sugar cane became much more valuable with the addition of villager, trading as sugar cane can be crafted in the paper, which can then be exchanged for emeralds, or other items.

Table of contents [Hide]
1 agricultural Design Manual
1.1 Compact farm
2 semi-automatic Production Design
2.1 Water channel design
2.2 Tower design
3 fully automatic Design
3.1 Cash loss design piston not slug
3.2 sensor Daylight
3.3 Hopper timer
3.4 Block detector
3.5 fully automated Design
4 80% of agricultural efficiency
4.1 limitations and attenuation
Agricultural Design Manual [edit]
Sugar cane can be raised manually by pressing each block of mature sugar cane. Water and sugar cane can be placed in various patterns.

A complex pattern of water interspersed blocks you can get about 80% efficiency (plants on the block of farm), but harvesting is somewhat difficult. Dale, or special lily pads and rugs, can be placed above the water to facilitate harvesting.

Long parallel strings between stations obtained approximately 65% efficiency, but are much easier to harvest. Also, you have a clear line of sight on rows, making it much easier to check John or as spectators.

Please note that cane sugar must be next to the water, but not necessarily a source block. Thus, you can run long channels 8-block down 1-deep trenches with blocks only at the ends of the external source. 3 channels with 6 rows of sugar cane can feed in a 2 channel-depth (also 8 blocks long), which, in turn, feeds into a bunker. 2 deep ditch cover with tiles, and a piece of the fence on sieve. This gives a 9 × 9 with 48 of the sugar cane plant. Mirror this two times around the bunker and you have a 17 × 17 with 192 plants. Any sugar cane you miss the ranks will get in the bunker, which you can obtain from through the fence.

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