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machinist trade theory objective questions

Please type here in detail about machinist trade theory objective questions...Clearly so we can understand .... What data you missed... ..And with Your asking request subjected 'machinist trade theory objective questions' .. Without exact data of your request how we help you? ... so we can gather data for you soon and we will notify ...
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(2005 Model Theory Q & A for Machinist) 

Subject: MACHINIST                                                                        Code: 2.12 / 711
Sr. No.:  ..............................................                                    Roll No.: ..........................

Signature of the Invigilator ...............................................
Date: 13.04.2005                                                                                 Duration: 2 Hours
Time: 09:00 Hrs. to 11:00 Hrs.                                                            Max. Marks: 120
Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before writing your answers:
1) All Questions are compulsory.
2) Each Questions carries 1 mark.
3) There are four alternatives - (A), (B), ©, (D) given against each question out of which only one is the most appropriate answer. If (A) is correct, round on the correct alternative like (A) .
4) The discarded answer if any, must be crossed properly and supported by initial of the candidate.
5) If a question is answered wrongly or more than one answers are marked, 0.25 marks will be deducted for each such question.
6) Use only blue or black ball pen only. Use of Pencil is not allowed.
7) No sheet from the Question Paper / Answer Book should be detached.
8) You may do rough work, if required, on the blank sheets.
9) Please DO NOT repeat DO NOT write your name anywhere on the Question Paper. Answer sheet. If name or any other symbolic notation are found marked on the Question paper / Answer sheet, this will render the candidate disqualified.
Continues ......

1.A finish cut is given to improve the surface finish of a rough milled workpiece?
A.Decrease cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut
B.Increase feed rate, depth of cut and reduce cutting speed
C.Increase feed rate, depth of cut and cutting speed
D.Increase cutting speed, reduce feed rate and depth of cut
Ans: D

2.The normal module of a helical gear with real module (m) of 6.62 and having an angle of 25 deg is?
A.6.62 x sin 25 deg
B.6.62 x cos 25 deg
A.6.62 x tan 25 deg
A.6.62 x cot 25 deg
Ans: B

3.Thread ring gauges are used check external threads. Separate 'Go' and 'No Go' gauging members are provided. Which one of the following screw thread elements is not checked with the ring gauges?
B.Helix angle
D.Pitch diameter
Ans: B

4.Morse taper is one of the internationally accepted standard tapers.  The morse taper are available in numbers from?
A.0 to 7
B.0 to 8
C.1 to 7
D.1 to 8
Ans: A

5.A gear wheel has 36 teeth (z) and 3 mm module (m) its pitch diameter cutter?
A.12 mm
B.75 mm
C.80 mm
D.108 mm
Ans: D

6.A main purpose of using worm and worm wheel drives in machines and their accessories is to?
A.Transmit large torque
B.Provide large speed reduction from worm shaft to worm wheel
C.Transmit higher speeds
D.Provide large speed reduction from worm wheel to worm shaft
Ans: B

7.The tooth thickness of rack is measured by?
A.Universal vernier caliper
B.Gear tooth vernier caliper
C.Flange micrometer
D.Gear tester
Ans: B

8.There are two types of milling processes based on the direction of cutter rotation and work feed direction in up cut milling?
A.The work is fed in the same direction as the rotation of the cutter
B.Chip removal starts at the thickness part
C.Machine with backlash eliminator is essential
D.The work is fed against direction of the cutter rotation
Ans: D

9.A Shaft is turned in one finish cut which one of the following parameters will directly influence the machining time?
A.Cutting depth
B.Setting angle
C.Diameter of work piece
D.Tool travel distance
Ans: D

10.In a planning machine the depth of cut is given by?
A.Adjusting tool slide
B.Rotating the feed screw of the tool holder
C.Moving cross slide
D.Lifting the work piece
Ans: B

11.You have to machine a flat surface on a work piece of two metres length.  Which machine will you choose for this?
Ans: A

12.Why it is necessary to maintain an approach distance between the cutting tool and the work while working on shaping machine?
A.To cool down the cutting edge of the tool bit
B.To avoid any ridger at the end of workpiece
C.To allow the chips to fall and clear the cutting edge
D.To enable the clapper box to return to cutting
Ans: D

13.Oil grooves are to be cut in brass half bearings. Which one of the following chisels in suitable?
A.Flat chisel
B.Cross chisel
C.Half round nose chisel
D.Web chisel
Ans: C

14.The quality control allows at the most 0.4% defective parts, How many defective parts can be allowed in a production of 500 parts?
Ans: B

15.One which unit the tool setting is done on NC machine?
A.On special devices away from the machine
B.On the NC machine during idle time
C.On the pre setting devices
D.None of above
Ans: C

16.The component of the surface texture upon which the roughness is superimposed is known as?
A.Surface roughness
B.Surface texture
Ans: D

17.Which one of the following groups of properties enables the manufacture of chain hooks from wrought iron?
A.Ductillity, malleability and hardness
B.Hardness, toughness and ductility
C.Malleability, ductility and toughness
D.Hardness, toughness and brittleness
Ans: C

18.You have to file an aluminum block to a smooth finish, which one of the following cut of file is most suitable?
A.Double cut
B.Curved cut
C.Rasp cut
D.Single cut
Ans: A

19.Which one of the following is an artificial abrasive?
D.Silicon carbide
Ans: D

20.The grain size of a grinding wheel is indicated by numbers, which range of grain size referred to as 'Very Fine'?
A.10 - 24
B.30 - 60
C.80 - 180
D.220 - 600
Ans: D

21.A high carbon steel has to be forged, which colour indicate the most suitable forging temperature?
A.Yellow red
B.Dark cherry red
D.Light yellow
Ans: A

22.The lead screw pitch of a milling machine is 5mm and the dividing head ratio is 40 : 1 the lead of the milling machine is?
A.0.125 mm
B.5 mm
C.8 mm
D.200 mm
Ans: D

23.The axis of the plate cam blank and the end mill spindle should always remain?
A.Inclined to each other
B.Parallel to each other
C.Opposite to each other
D.Vertical and inclined
Ans: B

24.Which milling machine is particularly adopted for milling internal or external profiles?
A.Pantograph milling machine
B.Universal milling machine
C.Planetary milling machine
D.Tracer controlled milling machine
Ans: D

25.A 42 teeth involute helical gear with a helix angle of 45 deg is to be cut on a milling machine?
A.12 to 13
B.35 to 54
C.135 to rake
D.17 to 20
Ans: B

26.CNC machine are not manually operated. They are controlled by means of?
A.A programme
B.An operating
C.A cam
D.A plug board system
Ans: A

27.Counter boring is done for?
A.Deburring hole ends
B.Enlarging holes to accurate size
C.Finishing cored holes
D.Accommodating socket head screws
Ans: D

28.A point to point control system is suitable only for one of the following applications?
A.Milling profile
Ans: C

29.A steel workpiece of height tensile strength is to be machined with a HSS milling cutter, which one of the following rake angles is best suited for the cutter?
Ans: A

30.By using quick return mechanism in shaping machine the cutting stroke moves slow and return stroke fast. what is the ratio between cutting stroke and return stroke?
Ans: B

31.What will be the result if the clearance angle in drill is increased?
A.Poor wedging action
B.Weak cutting edge
C.Rough hole surface
D.Increased point angle
Ans: B

32.An irregularly shaped workpiece is turned on a lathe. which one of the following work holding accessories is used?
A.Three jaw chuck
B.Two jaw chuck
C.Driving plate
D.Face plate
Ans: D

33.Solid H.S.S. cutters and carbide inserted tooth cutters are commonly used for milling, the permissible cutting speed of an inserted tooth cutter in relation to that of a HSS cutter is?
A.Twice as much
B.Five to ten times greater
Ans: A

34.It is required to machine a single start worm of 2 module (m) and 60 mm pitch diameter, the speed ration is 40:1, to what length should the worm be cut?
A.21 mm
B.14.6 mm
C.29.3 mm
D.33.3 mm
Ans: C

35.The pattern on the work surface caused by the movement of the cutting tool is called?
C.Surface texture
Ans: C

36.A product is said to have the quality when?
A.Its shape and dimensions are within the limits
B.It appears to be very good
C.It is fit for use
D.The choice of material is right
Ans: C

37.Which taper is used on spindle nose of the lathe head stock?
A.Jerno taper
B.Brown and sharp taper
C.Pin taper
D.Morse taper
Ans: D

38.Why do you hold a workpiece lengthwise while machining in a planning machine?
A.It is easier to load workpiece lengthwise
B.The idle time will be minimised
C.The surface quality will be improved
D.The tool life will be increased
Ans: C

39.A hole whose lower deviation is zero is called basic hole, which one of the following letters indicates basic hole?
A. E
B. F
C. G
D. H
Ans: D

40.Rough and finish boring operations are carried out to machine a hole in a milling machine, for rough boring select?
A.High spindle speed and coarse feed
B.slow spindle speed and coarse feed
C.slow spindle speed and fine feed
D.High spindle speed and fine feed
Ans: B

41.While machining cast iron coolant should be?
A.Dry air
C.Machine oil
D.soft water
Ans: A

42.The tool post of a planning machine is mounted on?
B.Cross rail
C.Clapper box
Ans: C

43.The tensile strength of a metal is its ability to resist fracture when subjected to tensile loads, the tensile strength of metals are expressed in?
A.N/mm sq.
B.Kg/mm sq.
C.N. Metre
D.Kg. Metre
Ans: B

44.Which one of the characteristics of a milling cutter is most suitable for climb milling?
A.Left hand cutting
B.Teeth material is carbide
C.Larger clearance and rake angle
D.The teeth are straight to the axis of the cutter

45.A gear wheel has 36 teeth and 3 mm module, its pitch diameter is?
A.12 mm
B.75 mm
C.80 mm
D.108 mm
Ans: D

46.Which one of the following thread forms is provided in the threaded parts where the pressure acts on one flank of the threads during transmission?
A.V thread
B.Square thread
C.Knuckle thread
D.Buttress thread
Ans: D

47.Which one of the bushes used in a drill jig and permits cutting tools of different diameters?
A.Press fit bushes
B.Removable bushes(slip)
C.Fixed removable bushes
D.Liner bushes
Ans: B

48.Which one of the following equipments is used in the shop floor for the checking of the form that is being turned?
B.Snap gauge
C.Dial test indicator and slip gauges
D.Tool room microscope
Ans: B

49.While grinding and lapping cemented carbide tipped tool with diamond wheels a good flow of coolant should be directed to cover the grinding zone, the coolant suitable is?
A.Soluable oil
B.Mineral oil
C.Sulphurised oil
D.Mixture of paraffin and water
Ans: A

50.Which one of the following operations can be done on slotting machine?
A.External keyway on long shaft
B.Internal grooves
C.Woodruff keyway on a shaft
D.Keyway for feather keys
Ans: C

51.A screw thread is designated as 1" B.S.P. thread, in 1 inch B.S.P. thread what 1" indicates?
A.Major diameter of thread
B.Minor diameter of thread
C.Pitch diameter of thread
D.Hole diameter of pipe
Ans: D

52.What will be the result if the clearance angle in drill is increased?
A.Poor wedging action
B.Weak cutting edge
C.Rough hole surface
D.Increased point angle
Ans: B

53.The temperature to which a work piece is heated depends on the material and the type of forging process, the temperature range for forging low carbon steel is?
A.700 - 800 deg celsius
B.650 - 920 deg celsius
A.800 - 1300 deg celsius
A.450 - 700 deg celsius
Ans: C

54.It is commonly observed that the face of a grinding wheel becomes shiny and smooth or glazed after some use due to one of the reasons stated below?
A.Grade of wheel is too hard
B.Abrasive of the wheel not suitable for the purpose
C.Grain size is too coarse
D.Structure of the wheel is too open
Ans: A

55.A traveling steady is fixed on the saddle of a Lathe. What is the function of this steady rest?
A.To prevent bending of long shafts due to cutting forces
B.To avoid load on the lathe centres while turning long
C.To reduce the load on the cutting tool while turning
D.To enables to turn at higher cutting speeds than recommended
Ans: A

56.Zero setting of the two point bore dial gauge before the measurement is necessary to?
A.Account for the errors in the gauge
B.Facilitate comparison
C.Setup initial pressure in the gauge
D.Eliminate inaccuracy of the measurement
Ans: D

57.Indexing head mechanism works with?
A.Rock and gear
B.Worm and worm gear
C.Two helical gear
D.Two bevel gear
Ans: B

58.Which gear arrangement used to change the circular motion of horizontal to vertical without change in speed ratio?
A.Two spur gear
B.Two helical gear
C.Two bevel gear
D.Worm and worm gear
Ans: C

59.What is a built up edge is respect of a turning tool?
A.Job material embedded on tool edge
B.A carbide tip soldered on a tool shank
C.A method of reconditioning worn out cutting tool edge
D.A tool cutting edge with a crater on it

60.Slip gauges are used as standards for precision length measurements, the slip gauges are available in four grades as per BIS standard, which one of the following grades is meant only for reference?
A. 0 grade
B. 1 grade
C. 00 grade
D. 11 grade
Ans: C

61.How do you recognize a drill for soft metal?
A.By the large helix angle
B.By the small helix angle
C.By the chisel edge angle
D.By the point angle which is 90 deg
Ans: A

62.Dressing and turning of a grinding wheel are?
A.Exactly the same operation
B.Done with the same equipment
C.Done only for coarse grinding wheels
D.Only for form grinding
Ans: B

63.The web of twist drill, due to repeated grinding causes resistance to feeding while drilling a 12 mm diameter hole, the above effect is reduced by providing?
A.Negative rake of web
B.Thinning of web
C.Less feeding force
D.More feeding force
Ans: C

64.It is required to finish grind a dia 50mm hardened steel shaft on a cylindrical grinding machine, if the recommended surface speed of the work is 33 metres/minute, the rpm of the work is?
A. 190
B. 150
C. 210
D. 250
Ans: C

65.A 1.5mm displacement of tool point in boring operation will result in a change in the diameter equal to?
A.0.75 mm
B.1.5 mm
C.3 mm
D.6 mm
Ans: C

66.The position of gear cutter on the arbor for rack milling is?
A.Nearer to the column
B.Nearer to the arbor support
C.At the middle
D.At any point on the arbor
Ans: B

67.Various alloying elements are added to produce different alloy steels, which one of the following combination of alloying elements is using for HSS?
A.Chromium, nickel and molybdenum
B.Nickel, molybdenum and silicon
C.Chromium, vanadium and maganese
D.Chromium, vanadium and tungsten
Ans: D

68.Which is the correct expression for the unit of feed rate in milling?
A. m/min
B. mm/rev
C. mm/sec
D. mm/min
Ans: A

69.In a shaping machine with mechanical driven ram the ram speed is not uniform?
A.At the beginning of the cutt9ing stroke
B.In the middle of the cutting stroke
C.At the end of the return stroke
D.In the middle of the return stroke
Ans: D

70.Thread measurement with inserts fitted in the anvil and spindle of screw tread micrometer are selected on the basis of one the following elements of a thread being measured?
A.Major diameter
B.Minor diameter
C.Effective diameter
Ans: A

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