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JEE Advanced: Physics syllabus

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is carrying out joint entrance examination (JEE) advanced 24 May 2015. The examination will be held for a duration of three hours for each paper. According to the calendar, Paper II and Paper which will be held between 9 and 12 pm will be held from 2 to 5 pm.

Physics syllabus:

Physics is divided into six parts:

Thermal Physics;
Electricity and magnetism;
Modern Physics
General: Units and dimensions, dimensional analysis; Count less significant figures; Methods of measurement and error analysis for physical quantities corresponding to the following experiments: Experiments based on using Vernier calipers and screw-gauge (micrometer), Determination of g using simple pendulum, elastic method Searle, specific heat of a liquid using calorimeter, focal length of a concave mirror and a convex lens method uses u-v, speed of sound with resonant column, using Ohm's Law verification amperímetrei voltmeter and material strength of a wire using meter bridge and specific PO.

Kinematics in one and two dimensions projectiles (Cartesian coordinates only), uniform circular motion; Relative speed.
Newton's laws of motion; Inertial and uniformly accelerated reference frames; Static and dynamic friction; Kinetic and potential energy; Work and energy; Conservation of linear momentum and mechanical energy.

Particle systems; Centre of mass and its motion; Impulse; Elastic and inelastic collisions.

Law of gravitation; And gravitational potential field; Acceleration of gravity; Movement of planets and satellites in circular orbits; Escape velocity.

Rigid, moment of inertia, parallel and perpendicular axes theorems, moment of inertia of uniform bodies with simple geometrical shapes; Angular momentum; Pair; Conservation of angular momentum; Rigid body dynamics with fixed axis of rotation; Roll without slip rings, cylinders and spheres; Balance rigid; Clash of point masses with rigid bodies.
Linear and angular simple harmonic motions.

Hooke elastic.

Pressure in a fluid; Pascal's law; Buoyancy; Surface energy and surface tension, capillary rise up •; Viscosity (Poiseuille equation excluded) right Stoke; Terminal velocity, Streamline flow, continuity equation, Bernoulli's theorem and its applications.
Wave (plane waves only), longitudinal and transverse waves, superposition of waves; Waves and progressive; Vibration of strings and air columns; Resonance; Late constant; Speed ​​of sound in gases; Doppler Effect (sound).

Thermal physics: Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases; Calorimetry, latent heat; Heat conduction in one dimension; Elementary concepts of convection and radiation; Newton's law of cooling; Ideal gas laws; Specific heats (Cv and Cp for monoatomic and diatomic gases); Isothermal and adiabatic processes, bulk modulus of gases; Equivalence of heat and work; First law of thermodynamics and its applications (only for ideal gases); Blackbody radiation: coded video and emissive powers; Kirchhoff's law; Wien's law, Stefan Act.

Electricity and magnetism:
Coulomb's law; Electric field and potential; Electric potential energy of a system of point charges and electric dipole in a uniform electrostatic field; Electric field lines; Flow of electric field. Gauss's law and its application in simple cases, such as finding land infinitely long straight wire, uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and uniformly charged thin spherical shells.
Capacitance; Parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric; Capacitors in series and parallel; The energy stored in a capacitor.
Electricity; Ohm's law; Series and parallel arrangements of resistances and cells; Kirchhoff's laws and simple applications; Heating effect of current.

Biot-Savart law and Ampere's law; Magnetic field near a stream straight wire, along the axis of a circular coil and solenoid in a long and straight; Force on a moving charge and on a cable running in a uniform magnetic field.
Magnetic moment of a current loop; Effect of a uniform magnetic field on a current loop; Moving coil galvanometer, voltmeter, ammeter and their conversions.

Electromagnetic induction: Faraday's Law, Lenz Law; Me and mutual inductance; Circuits RC, LR and LC BC and DC sources.

Rectilinear propagation of light; Reflection and refraction at plane and spherical surfaces; Total internal reflection; Deviation and scattering of light by a prism; Thin lenses; Combinations of mirrors and thin lenses; Enlargement.
Wave nature of light: Huygen principle, interference is limited to the double slit experiment Young.

Modern Physics:
Atomic nucleus and radiations; Law of radioactive decay; Decay constant; Half-life and mean life; Binding energy and its calculation; Fission and fusion processes; Energy calculation in these processes.
Photoelectric effect; Bohr's theory of hydrogen-like atoms; Characteristic and continuous X-rays, Moseley's law; de Broglie wavelength of matter waves

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